Boudoir Session

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Simply click the big, orange "BOOK NOW" button below and follow the onscreen instructions. 


What is your rescheduling policy?

We require 48 hours to reschedule a shoot. You can call us and we'll cancel your appointment and then you simply go back online and make a new one. If you cancel without 48 hours notice there will be a $25 rescheduling fee. This is because that time will be blocked out and we will be standing there missing you, probably just taking pictures of each other.


Why is there a shooting session AND a viewing session?

The shooting session is where you come to our cool studio and look sultry in front of our camera. Then, a few days later, we have you come back to our studio where we shine our favorite images on a movie screen. We talk about why we like the ones we picked and we help you choose your favorite image for your included 8x10 print and digital file.

Plus we get to hang out with you more than once :)


I'm not a super model and I'm uncomfortable having my picture taken. I've never done anything like this before. Will I survive?

Probably. Sara and Felix are a husband and wife photographer team. We won't pressure you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing. We are super professional, respectful, and we know how to make all different body types look great. Sara has modeled boudoir herself and knows exactly how you feel. She'll help guide you through. Trust us. The awkwardness wears off quickly and soon you are having a blast. It's fun... Really!


I am a supermodel and I always look awesome. I don't have a question. I just wanted to put that out there.



What should I do about hair and makeup?

Read THIS.


What should I wear?

Read THIS.


Are you guys OK with nudity, if I choose?

We are comfortable shooting artistic nudes and really try to keep the giggling and blushing to a minimum.


Will other people see my photos on your website or Facebook?

We maintain copyright to all our images but will not use boudoir photographs for marketing without your permission.  We won't post anything anywhere unless we get your permission.


The session comes with one 8x10 and a digital file of the same image. Can I buy more images if I want?

You sure can. In fact, we encourage it. No pressure, though :)

HERE is our price list.

What is a "digital file"?

A digital file is the same image that you chose for the 8x10 in digital form so you can upload it to Facebook, send it to grandma in an email (if grandma's into that sort of thing- we don't judge), make prints at a photo place, draw moustaches on it in Photoshop, etc. One digital file (the same as the 8x10 print) is included in the deal. 


Can I bring a friend so I'll feel more comfortable?

Absolutely. We are nice to everybody.


Will you photoshop out my wrinkles and scars, make me 10 years younger, and 20% happier?

A little- we'll hide some flaws and bumps and bulges but we really want you to look like you- the best you. And we do most of that with posing. Sara keeps a watchful eye to make sure you are always looking your best during the shooting.


When can I expect to receive images from the session?

All your images will be presented to you at the viewing session where you will pick out your included 8x10 and digitial file as well as place orders for extra stuff, if you want extra stuff. Prints and albums are ready within five weeks of the viewing session. Digital files are ready immediately after the viewing session.